Ramadan came, nobody looked.

First observations for every year in Ramadan.



“And we place shields over their hearts, that they should not understand it, and a deafness in their ears. And if you mention your Lord in the Qu’ran alone, they run away turning their backs in aversion.” Qu’ran” – 17:46

‘And if you mention your Lord in the Qu’ran alone’ is the key from this passage in the Qu’ran. Many who translate the Qu’ran leave this out. I don’t know why, it is there and persuades us to utilise only the Qu’ran as a source of law. Nothing and no one else.

So I begin my first post during Ramadan, though like most years it began with frustration. “The moon has been sighted, Saudi announced it” I hear this most years and my first inclination was to lash out, though I’m not that kind of guy.

The Qu’ran stipulates that the ‘month’ begins when the hilal is sighted (2:189). Saudi Arabia are NOT an authority. It is a country where the pilgrimage takes place, though this does not provide them a platform to dictate from, nor does it offer them the right for you to accept their word either. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is a country on the another side of the world, which means the appearance of the crescent moon will differ from where ever you are. It could be a few moments, it might even be a day in some cases. So beginning when they sight it could mean you start Ramadan early, or even late. God states in 2:185 that we are to fast in Ramadan for that month, not before or after (unless you are making those days up due to being ill, travelling or find it hard ref: 2:185)

So relying on another country makes no sense and is logically impossible to obtain an accurate timeline of Islamic months for fasting. God asks YOU to sight it. Therefore go outside, look up. If you are unable to sight the moon (due to overcast) then refer to your local meteorological society.

The Qu’ran is the only source and authority (6:114). The message we are obligated as Muslims to obey is the Qu’ran. The messenger delivered the Qu’ran, the message is the Qu’ran.